November 2, 2018


Name The Maydays



The Maydays present: Tonight’s Top Story & Buffet

Inspired by newspaper articles cut out by the audience just minutes before curtain time. This is improv without tricks, gimmicks or games, just a live comedic exploration, through scenes and songs, of the secret heart of your city. It is the world only hinted at by your local paper but finally revealed by the comedic x-ray vision of The Maydays.

***** “…speed of thought and action, the ability to take on character and accent and the knack of making it all funny is a special gift, one The Maydays have in bucketfuls.” The Argus

The Maydays will be joined by guest improv superstars, Buffet Improv. Buffet is made up of a variety of performers each bringing something different to the table. With only a single-word suggestion, Buffet will create an abundance of improvised scenes, characters and situations for you to dine on. So come hungry for some high-energy, unpredictable fun and all-you-can-eat laughter.

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Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN