Buffet, with only a single-word suggestion, will create an abundance of improvised scenes, characters and situations for you to dine on. So come hungry for some high-energy, unpredictable fun and all-you-can-eat laughter.


We’re a group of 11 improvisers that are based in London but come from all over the place. We’ve been an official team for a year and a half now, but have been playing together for about two and a half. (We’re like kids, we count the halves).

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love playing together on and off stage. Have you ever had a waitress approach your table and ask you to collectively stop making animal noises? We have. Mooo!

We mean it when we say that everyone in Buffet brings something different to the table. We each have our own unique backgrounds, perspectives, characters, and physicality that we bring to our shows and practices.

How we formed:

The story we tell people:

We all came up through various Hoopla! courses and started gravitating towards one another. We enjoyed playing so much, that we started to host improv sessions at one another’s houses until Jon said “hey we should form a group!” and Buffet was born.

The real story:

Jon was walking in a field at dusk one autumn evening in 2017. While he was walking he stubbed his toe on an old wooden case partially buried in the ground. He dug up the case and opened it and discovered a rusted bugle. He brought this old-looking instrument to his lips and gave it a triumphant blow. The sound echoed across the land, birds took flight, and the ground rumbled. To Jon’s surprise, 10 silhouettes starting approaching him from this distance and coming from every angle. He was surrounded. As the group approached him, he recognised everyone from Hoopla improv classes. Strangely, everyone in the group had an item of food. It was on that evening that we collectively proclaimed that we would form an improv troupe and be known as Buffet.

Previous Performances

In 2018, our debut year, we performed 23 times in three cities. Highlights include playing at Hoopla, opening for the Maydays in Brighton, road tripping to Norwich, and even booking a run at the Nursery. In 2019, we’ve continued the trend performing a couple of times of month & we even made it out to Cambridge earlier this year.

Weekly rehearsals, a couple of performances a month, and being coached by some phenomenal people has resulted in some great feedback from the audiences that see us play. Audiences tell us that we are high-energy, quite unpredictable, and look like we’re having fun (which we are!).  Audiences walk away from our shows energised and eager to put a little bit more silly in their lives. Here’s what some people have to say:


“Thank you so much to Buffet Improv for delivering an amazing Improv workshop at Magical Festival this year! A cohesive, adaptable and positive group whose energy and confidence made everyone feel welcome and engaged. We were amazed at what children as young as five achieved in such a short space of time. You’re welcome back next year!” – Stace, Fully Blown Dome Manager, Magical Festival


“Such a great amazing bunch of improvisers – both on and off the stage. Thanks so much for visiting Norwich and we can’t wait to see you all again. I laughed so much!.” – Danny, Dogface Improv


“Whenever I have seen Buffet Improv on stage they always seem to have a smile on their faces and full of energy. It is a breath of fresh air and that’s one of the things that make them great.” – Holly, The Phoenix Remix


“Buffet improv serving you an escape from the mundane, with a side order of giggles.” – Monica Gaga, Host with the Most


“I had the pleasure to coach and watch Buffet improv on several occasions, I can honestly say that they are a wonderful example of the joy and playfulness of Improv. Their sense of play and mischievousness on stage is fantastic!” – Sean Mc Interney, Improv Guru


“We booked Buffet for our monthly night in Cambridge and they were an absolute joy from the first email to the final bows. They delivered energy and laughs by the boatload. Their positive attitude, big characters, high energy and playfulness make for a great improv experience. We’d have them again in a heartbeat.” – Stealing the Show, Cambridge


“Saw Buffet at C3 tonight – great show! Love the format and the random tale of Minnesotan cheesecake war between a homeless man and a monopoly man. ” – Andrew M.


“Laughed out loud A LOT, watching the Buffet at the Nursery theatre! Thank you for an entertaining evening!” – Lauren B.


“Excellent show! I never thought seeing a Tamagotchi being separated from his owner and ultimately being shot by a Russian black marketeer could be so funny and so poignant all at the same time… Book them!” – Mark W.

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